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Important Dates


  • August 1              Multiple meeting registration websites open

  • September 15     Applications from graduate students and postdoctoral scholarships due

  • October 15          Priority registration for in-person meeting ends. In-person prices increase after                                this date.

  • November 1        Abstracts to be considered for talks due

  • November 15      Registration for in-person meeting ends (hard deadline)

  • December 1        Abstracts for both in-person and online posters due



  • January 10          Registration for online meeting ends (hard deadline)

  • January 12          Meeting website opens for uploading online posters and video presentations

  • January 19          In-person meeting starts. Meeting webside opens for viewing and discussion                               of online posters.

  • January 20-23    In-person meeting with talks, posters, and other events.Talks streamed live online                            and recorded for asynchronous viewing.

  • January 24          In-person meeting ends

  • February 2          Access to online meeting content (posters and recorded talks) ends

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