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Video library of movies relevant to motility

Organized by Professor Makoto Miyata at Osaka City University

Please access and deposit motility videos!

Microbial Signal Transduction Database 

MiST 3.0 provides signal transduction profiles of more than 125,000 bacterial and archaeal genomes. This release of the database is a result of a substantial scaling to accommodate constantly growing microbial genomic data. Developed and run by Professor Igor Zhulin of The Ohio State University

Prokaryotic 2-Component Systems Database (P2S) 

P2CS is an integrated and comprehensive database of two-component system (TCS) signal transduction proteins, which contains a compilation of the TCS genes within completely sequenced genomes and metagenomes. It provides detailed annotation of each TCS gene including sequence features, functional domains, as well as chromosomal localization. Data can be downloaded for analysis and users can validate and add annotations to predicted TCS genes.

Response Regulator Database at NCBI

This table describes Response Regulators in 896 genomes, representing all bacterial and archaeal species whose genome sequences had been released by the end of 2010. In addition to response regulators, includes hybrid histidine kinases (which contain REC and at least one sensor domain). Organized by Michael Galperin, Ph.D.  at NCBI. This table is a web supplement to the reviews "Diversity of structure and function of response regulator output domains"by Michael Y. Galperin, published in Current Opinion in Microbiology (2010) 13: 150-159. and "Single-domain response regulators: molecular switches with emerging roles in cell organization and dynamics" by Urs Jenal and Michael Y. Galperin, published in Current Opinion in Microbiology (2009) 12: 152-160.

Archael Two Component Data Base

Histidine kinases and response regulators encoded in complete genomes of Archaea. Supplementary Table S2 to the paper by M.Y. Galperin, K.S. Makarova, Y.I. Wolf and E.V. Koonin "Phyletic distribution and lineage-specific domain architectures of archaeal two-component signal transduction systems", published in the Journal of Bacteriology 200:e00681-17.

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