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New Twists and Turns in Bacterial Locomotion and Signal Transduction
Recent Advances and Future Prospects in Bacterial and Archaeal Locomotion and Signal
Blast XIII: 2015
Lessons in Fundamental Mechanisms and Diverse Adaptations
Blast XII: 2013 Tucson AZ
A Tale of Two Machines
Blast XI: 2011 New Orleans LA
Bacterial Moving and Shaking
Blast X: 2009 Cuernavaca Mexico
Upward mobility and alternative lifestyles:
Blast IX: 2007 Laughlin NV
Bacterial Signaling and Motility: Sure Bets
Blast VIII: 2005 Boca Raton FL
Sense and Sensibility in Bacteria
Blast VII: 2003 Cuernavaca Mexico
Function, Diversity, and Evolution of Signal Transduction in Prokaryotes
Blast VI: 2001 Cuernavaca Mexico
Bright Lights, Abundant Operons—Fluorescence and Genomic Technologies Advance Studies of Bacterial Locomotion and Signal Transduction
Blast V: 1999 Cuernavaca Mexico
Signaling Components in Bacterial Locomotion and Sensory Perception
Bacterial locomotion and signal transduction
BLAST III: 1995 Austin TX
international conference on bacterial locomotion and signal transduction
BLAST II: 1993 Austin TX
Bacterial Motility and Signal Transduction
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